Thursday, June 11, 2009

This Blog Explained

This Blog has a core place for examples, information, historical interpretation, geocaching, and more for the two courses I taught for this year's London Quarter at Cal Poly Pomona. There are 9 student blogs associated with this one in which students fulfill assignments given to them. The two courses CLS 362 and CLS 482 focus finding key historical points in London and on philosophy of art in London as only London can make possible with its many wonderful (and free) museums.

In the first 3 weeks, the course was anchored in a Blackboard website, but from early on we migrated to the set of blogs made possible by Blogspot. The student blogs developed through answering weekly assignments and mirrored this core blog. All of the students mastered the basics of blogging. Some did so very well. Priscilla Ngo's blog is a good illustration of this, but do look at all of them at the URL's indicated in the previous posting.

Jim Manley

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Garsington (and the End of the Quarter)

We return to the US tomorrow morning. The time has been incredibly compressed. I managed to get to a performance of Fidelio at the Garsington Opera, primarily to see the manor and grounds, but the opera was first class. Perhaps I'll have occasion to say more in this Blog.

But for those of you who are following this blog from the US and elsewhere, don't forget to check out the student blogs.