Thursday, May 14, 2009

Creating an Embedded Tour Player in Your Blog (II)

Let's assume you have a "MyTour.kmz" file on a server. (You need a server for this -- Google Sites will do fine. If you are maintaining a web site, you can put your file there.)

Check out this tutorial on creating embedded content. It will give you all you need.
  • But here is a tip. Go here to get the Google Gadget that generates the code which embeds the player in your browser. Plug in the URL to your "MyTour.kmz" in the appropriate field. (You'll see the Gadget loading your tour.) But in addition you need to size the player screen size. Typically, it will be too large. I use 320 x240 which seems to work better. Also, you can name your tour here.
  • Once you plug in the URL and change the screen size on the Google Gadget, press "Preview" and you should see your tour running in the gadget. This is a very good sign! Now you are ready to generate the code.
  • Press "Get the code"; at the bottom you will see the code. Select it (Control-A) and copy it (Control-C). Now you are ready to include the code in your Blog page.
  • Go to you Blog. Create a "New Post"; fill in the Title "My Such and So Tour"; then select the "HTML" edit tab (rather than the "Compose" tab). In the window below, paste the code. That's it!
  • Publish; View: now you should see the embedded player playing your tour. Pretty Cool!
  • You can go back an edit this post and put text above the code in the "HTML" tab if you want additional explanation about the tour there. Or, if it is running, leave well enough alone!

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