Thursday, May 14, 2009

Tour Example: Short Tour from Bloomsbury to Nonsuch Palace

This tour from Bloomsbury to the site of the demolished Nonsuch Palace is now available over on the Phoenix Hill Blog. I put it there so you would expect the minute-or-so tie-up of computer resources while it processes the tour.

This tour was created using the steps posted previously. The *.kmz file was placed on my Sites server, the location recorded, and copied into Google Gadget, which generated the code that brings up the tour.

The tour takes you from the Anglo headquarters at 22 Bloomsbury Square to the site of the demolished Nonsuch Palace where Thomas Tallis' Spem in Alium was performed, circa 1570, early in Queen Elizabeth's reign.

In the tour you will see a placemark pop up which has a link to the You Tube performance of this remarkable piece. Clicking on the link causes the piece to play almost immediately in the plug-in window (requiring an adjustment as you'll see). You may start at the Title of this post or here.

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