Friday, April 10, 2009

The Churchill War Rooms Museum

It was a rainy day here in London, but the War Rooms Museum has been high on my list, so I headed off for it in late morning. I took a leisurely bus route via Oxford Circus, stopped by the Bond Tube (Jubilee line closed for maintenance this Good Friday.) Bussed over to Marble Arch and then south to Buckingham Palace area, St. James' Park and to the Whitehall and the War Rooms, which I thought were fascinating. The organizers chose well, created and buttressed the area and hunkered down in the fall of '40. The Home Security Officer really believed that Germany would invade in mid-September. There are entries from his diary on the 13, 14, 15 of September and they are agonizing. He feels the weight of defending against the invasion. Skip to mid-October. A tentative sigh of relief. Germany would not invade Britain but would turn its attention to Russia.

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