Sunday, April 19, 2009

Greenwich Hemispheric Explorations Ground Track

I was pleased to discover that my Garmin 60Csx had recorded our exploration across the two Prime Meridia.

Clicking on the thumbnail will bring you to a page in which you can choose how to view the track. If you choose the "Dashboard" option, then you can replay the walk, including stops, such as when Priscilla worked out the final coordinates of the mystery place which we visited last. Note we returned more directly, i.e., down the hill.

The average walking speed is calculated. It turns out to be about 3.1 miles an hour. This is leisurely by British standards. I suspect that a comparable track at the end of our stay will be about 3.6 or so. Nevertheless, most British walkers on the "open sidewalk" will do at least 4 mph.

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