Wednesday, April 29, 2009

The Jack the Ripper Series Overlays

The prior seven postings are from the Jack the Ripper series geocaches on The coordinates, however, appear not on a modern map but a map our Rumsey collection map of 1842 as an overlay on Google Earth. Thus one can "see" the streets as they existed closer to the time in the 1880's when Jack was doing his evil deeds.

The titles of each of the previous seven postings link to the respective description of the cache. Included under each of the thumbnails is the name of the Ripper victim at that location. (Thanks to Travis for the Ripper image!)

The process for generating the series was to import an optimum route from Mapsource of the caches into Google Earth, then overlaying the 1842 map, and finally exporting the image of that cache on the overlay. The cache identifers (which appear in the center of each overlay-post) are taken from

Clicking on the thumbnail quickly brings up a quite-clear enlargement.

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