Saturday, April 11, 2009

The Jimmy Buffet Hawaii Tour

This is not a plug for the music of Jimmy Buffet. But he has put together (or permitted to be put together) the best single highlighting to date that I've been able to find of Google Earth's Touring capabilities. This does not appear to work in the browser plus-in version. The sound pulls resources away from everything else. But it runs pretty well in Google Earth. In any case, you can really get the idea.

Tours like this one are packaged in a *.kmz file. If there is a lot of sound and multimedia, the *.kmz file file can be pretty big. That's the case with this one. It is over 8 megs, not a trivial size for an attachment. It should be served. As it turns out, it is available at the title link of this post and also the Google Earth Icon.

Be prepared to mute your sound. The music starts LOUD.

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