Sunday, April 5, 2009

Tower Walk in Google Earth using KMZ

So I've taken the next step. If you click on the thumbnail of the Tower Walk this time it should initiate a download of a *.KMZ file. This in turn will launch Google Earth (if you have it installed). When Google Earth loads, it will open the Tower Walk *.KMZ file and fly to that place.

The *.KMZ file has all of the information the *.GPX file has, and the potential for holding more information. Plus, it will launch Google Earth, whereas as *.GPX file typically won't. So just click on the thumbnail and watch Google Earth rev up.


  1. BTW the way to create a KMZ file from a GPX file is to save it as such in Google Earth. I did that and then put it on my Site page. When you click on the thumbnail, the KMZ file is served without fanfare from the Site page directly to Google Earth. This is a powerful feature and can be used to create "tours" with tracks, graphics and sound. Stay tuned.

  2. Well the KMZ file was found but it wasn't launched seamlessly by Google Earth. Rather, you are invited to save it. Do so, then open with Google Earth. Stay tuned for the seamless option.