Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Geo-tagged Sound Files

It's possible to tag a particular spot in Google Earth (the yellow thumbtack), but less well known is that you can place links on that thumbtack. They can be web URLs or media files. You left click the marker once and wait for the marquee. The link will appear on the marquee and you can follow it in the normal way. On this file there is a very short sound file. Here is what you do to find it.

Click on the link. You will be asked to save it. Save it and remember where you saved it. Open Gooogle Earth (preferably 5.0). Open the file that you saved. That should bring you to a particular spot under the yellow placemark. Left click on the yellow placement - once! That should bring the marquee up with the link to the sound file. Click on the sound file....

[Note: that's the way it should have worked. But my marquee has been conflated with St. Bartholowmew's. My question about the patriot appears at the top of their marquee and leads to a Google page of the hospital. But if you look under the Placemark on the layers menu (after the expand the "+" you will see the "hint" and see how to get to the sound file. I will leave this up for a bit. Nothing is obvious!

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