Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Roamin' the Roman Wall in London

Before London was London, London was Roman. In fact I had a sense of Deja Vu at the Museum of London when I encountered a plaque about the Romans building a fort in order to deal with the indigenous tribes. In this case, not Indians, but their tribal counterparts in Britain.

London is absolutely beautiful this time of year. This morning I walked along some segments of the old Roman wall before our geocaching outing tomorrow. Curiously, more of the old wall is evident now than a few years ago owing to construction and preservation. A few years ago, some twenty tiles were placed near segments of the wall, so that virtually of the extent segments could be viewed. Our geocache depends upon Tiles 14 and 15 in particular, which are near the Barbican. (No more hints, guys!)

The flowering trees are near one of these tiles along a modern water feature which hints at the moat that once existed here.

I've continued to upload some 8x10" and larger 300 dpi images to Picasa Web which can be found here.

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